Dr. Richard J. Malak
Associate Professor and Morris E. Foster Faculty Fellow I
Director, Design Systems Laboratory

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Texas A&M University — 3123 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-3123
rmalak – at –
office: MEOB 325
tel: 979.845.1919
fax: 979.845.3081

Current Students

Graduate Students
Chuck Hsiao, Ph.D. Candidate
Doe Young Hur, Ph.D. Student
Tanner Kirk, Ph.D. Student
Neil Jog, M.S. Student

Undergraduate Students
Leo Wood

Former Students

Doctor of Philosophy

  • Sean D. Vermillion, Ph.D Dec. 2016. Thesis: “Foundation for Value-Driven Delegated Design with Human Decision Makers”
  • Edgar Galvan, Ph.D. Dec. 2016. Thesis: “Parametric Optimization: Applications in Systems Design”

Master of Science

  • Matt Price, M.S. May 2016. Thesis: “A Capability-Based Framework for Applying Value-Driven Design to Systems with Multiple Value-Producing Scenarios”
  • Tyler Halbert, M.S. Aug 2015. Thesis: “IGP: An Improved Algorithm for Sequential Information Gathering Decisions in Design under Uncertainty”
  • Aaron Powledge, M.S. May 2015. Thesis: “Experimental Characterization and Validated Multi-Fidelity Analysis of the Curvature of Shape Memory Alloy Composite Sheets”
  • Benjamin Baxter, M.S. August 2013. Thesis: “Engineering Complex Systems with an Emphasis on Robustness: Utility-based Analysis with Focus on Robustness”
  • Isaac Reese, M.S., May 2013. Thesis: “Model-based Methodology for Building Confidence in a Dynamic Measuring System”
  • Edgar Galvan, M.S., August 2012. Thesis: “A Genetic Algorithm Approach for Technology Characterization.”
  • Chris Bily, M.S., August 2012. Thesis: “Methods for Composing Tradeoff Studies under Uncertainty.”
  • Jonathan Arendt, M.S., August 2012. Thesis: “Design with Uncertain Technology Evolution.”
  • Zohreh Keshvarzbageri, M.S., August 2012. Thesis: “Design of a Compass Robot and its Optimization with Stability Constraints.”
  • Robert Parker, M.S., May 2011. Thesis: “Technology Characterization Models and Their Use in Designing Complex Systems.”

Undergraduate Students

  • Eric Redondo, 2014
  • Matt Price, 2014
  • Peter Wong, 2013-2014
  • Katy Frei, 2013-2014
  • Tyler Halbert, 2013
  • Ethan Chaffee, 2013
  • W. Travis Bloomer, 2013
  • Timothy Woolesy, 2012-2013
  • Justin Montgomery, 2012-2013
  • Erin Boese, 2012-2013
  • Dillon Bloodworth, 2012
  • Robert Fitzgerald, 2012
  • Scott Lenfest, 2012
  • Logan Rector, 2012
  • Sourobh Ghosh (USRG, visiting student from SUNY Buffalo), 2011
  • Michael Ruffino (USRG), 2011-2012
  • Erin Roach, 2010-2011
  • Carlos de la Guardia, 2010